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We are A holding company with multi- sectors , commercial medical and non-medical activity which include and not limited to :
- healthcare business and management ( healthcare providers , healthcare systems management , home healthcare , telemedicine , medical equipment and supplies ) - Call center & telecommunication
- IT , software and security solutions
- Others
On top of that, we deliver value through our commitment to maintaining and repairing hospital equipment to the highest industry regulatory standards
Also soon we will announce our IT and software technology branch at MAHAM as leading in artificial intelligent , software and hardware solution and advance security solutions
MAHAM IT and software solutions team is working now as IT department under shofahome responsible for developing shifahome ERP , shifahome CRM , and shifahome different Appts

Our Vision

Leading national and international multi-sectors company , providing high innovative technology solutions to business with international safety and quality measure

Our Mission

To offer our portfolio of reputable brands / service to our clients, with committed professional service and quality products through maintaining high business ethics , safety and focusing on our customer’s needs and satisfaction.

Our Values

• Professionalism.
• Creativity.
• Trust.
• Staff rights.
• Customer satisfaction.
• Focusing on our client’s advices.
• Believe in our mission.
• Supporting leader to achieve vision

Our Companies

We Make Our Customers Happy


ShifaHome is on-premises telemedicine based medical platform, comprises of multiple applications varying from online portal to mobile apps, comprehensive solution that linking patients, doctors, health centers & facilities and insurance companies all together in one platform, assuring that patients getting ultimate medical care where they are; at home, work or school
ShifaHome has skilled and highly professional doctors and nurse, equipped with accurate & latest portable medical devices with fleet of modern vehicles; ready to reach its customers and provide them the ultimate medical care & medication they need, wherever they are 24/7, assuring highest possible medical quality and health & safety standards.

MAHAM – medical equipment – Sudan

is a start-up company focused initially on distribution of leading brands of therapeutic and diagnostic equipment and monitoring systems specially that used for Homecare , mobile care unit , telemedicine teleradiology as our strategical plan then we will expand to offer other products related to further healthcare sectors .
Now the Company will be a distributor for NORAVA medical leading company for ECG .


is an customer -centric start-up company that has comprehensive portfolio of medical equipment , services and supplies. We work closely with our customers to develop and deliver solutions that help reduce costs and improve quality so our customers can focus on managing the health care of their patients . Our service focused initially on
1- Routine Maintenance / Preventive Maintenance/ periodic inspection of medical equipment’s
2- installation/ Repairing Of Biomedical Equipment
3- Calibration/Performance Verification of Biomedical Equipment’s.

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Home health care is a wide range of health care services that we provide wherever whenever your are for an illness or injury patient . Home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as care you get in a hospital or other health care facility .

  • Physician assessment and consultation
  • Nursing care
  • Physiotherapy and dental service
  • Investigations , bedside test , Imaging , Ect
  • Medications and prescription
  • Intravenous or nutrition therapy
  • Wound care for pressure sores or a surgical wound
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Monitoring serious illness and unstable health status

Healthcare management
and consultancy

Dedicated to providing high-impact healthcare consulting , operational transformation , management services , implementing innovative digital health solution and strategies enabling healthcare enterprises to adopt an agile mindset to deliver future -ready care at the speed of life


Telemedicine is the practice of medicine using technology to deliver care at a distance, over a telecommunications infrastructure, between a patient at an originating (spoke) site and a physician, or other practitioner licensed to practice medicine, at a distant (hub) site
Telehealth refers to a broad collection of electronic and telecommunications technologies and services that support at-a-distance healthcare delivery and services.
Telehealth technologies and tactics support virtual medical, health and education services.
MAHAM supports expanded use of telemedicine as an appropriate and efficient means of improving health, when conducted within the context of appropriate standards of care and safety
The digital transmission of medical imaging, remote medical diagnosis and evaluations, and video consultations with specialists are all examples of telemedicine we provided to our client

medical equipment
and supplies

WE offers numerous of benefits to customers including and not limited to :
1-inspection and preventive maintenance (IPM), and corrective maintenance (CM):
With our experienced teams, we offer a Integrated services of inspection , preventive maintenance , corrective maintenance , system updates and technical support to your medical devices. all activities that ensure equipment functionality and prevent breakdowns or failures to help your to deliver the best service to patients.
2- Installation and Acceptance testing:
When the device first arrives in the healthcare facility, we check to ensure it matches the purchase order, it is functioning as specified and it is installed correctly.
It is a initial inspection performed on a piece of medical equipment prior to it being put into service.
3-Testing and Calibration of BioMedical Equipment:
Through regular medical device testing and calibration, we help you to ensure that your medical equipment is in full working order and a highest performance.
Used for monitoring and treatment of patients, this equipment requires periodic safety and performance testing to check for accuracy and precision. With accurate measurements, medical professionals can better diagnose diseases, monitor patients, and deliver treatments.
We also offer :
- Projects and consultations for hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities.
- medical equipment spare parts supply.

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We Are Customer Oriented
We Are Committed

— Ultimat Healthcare Services —

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

  • Turnkey Hospital Project
  • Biomedical Inventory and Spare part Managing Systems
  • 3Hs program ( Hospitality Hosting Health) - GHV and Alsalm Rotana - Khartoum - Sudan
  • Telemedicine program implementation - Dubai - Khartoum
  • Implementation of Shifahome Call center & CRM and transformation to ERP

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Fedail Hospital
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